Hierarchical temporal structure in music, speech, and animal vocalizations

Chris Kello, Simone Dalla Bella, Butovens Mede, and Ramesh Balasubramaniam

List of sound recodings analyzed
All sound files are publically available to download from YouTube, the Macaulay Library, xano-canto,, or the Buckeye Speech corpus. Contact to obtain any recordings not accessible.
Matlab code used for peak events and Allan Factor analysis

Neuronal Dynamics and Spatial Foraging

Tim Shea, Anne Warlaumont, Chris Kello, and Dave Noelle

Simulation Software (ExpressCogs) is available for download here. Java 8 is required to run the ExpressCogs graphical user interface. Refer to the included documentation or contact Tim Shea with questions.

Spatial Memory in Foraging Games

Bryan Kerster, Theo Rhodes, and Chris Kello

Raw data from the foraging game experiment is available here.
The game is available to play here.
The code for the foraging game, fractal distribution builder, and model are available on
Python 2.7 with numpy and pandas is required for both the model and distribution builder. The foraging game requires Adobe Flash and a php server.

Simulations reported in Kello (2013)